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Alexarabsandmuslims.org - bathrooms(with the notion that...

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The example(s) that I found of Arabs/Muslims that is portrayed in media is from the article from the site called Islam and the Muslim world-common stereotypes about Arabs. Some stereotypes described from within the site was that all Muslims are Arabs, Arabs and Muslims are considered to be barbarians, and most notably that all Muslims and Arabs are essentially terrorists that hate the citizens of the United States. Other stereotypes that were described throughout the article were that all Arabs and Muslims still live in a desert (in other words they are “camel jockeys”), all Arabs and Muslims still use swords even though they are not good using them, Arabs and Muslims “appreciate” feminine beauty (with the notion that they “collect” women in a harem). Lastly, the final stereotype described in the article was that every Muslim and Arab has an oil well in their
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Unformatted text preview: bathrooms (with the notion that they are “filthy rich”). The examples mentioned illustrate the notion of the perceptions and thoughts that people in various countries have for people of Arabic and Muslim descent. These stereotypes are similar to the types of stereotypes that are generally categorized for groups of people such as individuals of Mexican descent, people who are black, and also people of Asian descent in the sense that just like these other groups of people, people of Arabic and Muslim descent are placed into and are known just because of a few certain categories such as all Arabs and Muslims must be terrorists who have an infatuated hatred for America and therefore will become terrorists just to 1...
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