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Unformatted text preview: } function value_entity_decode($html) { //replace each value entity by its respective char preg_match_all('|&#(.*?);|',$html,$temparray); foreach($temparray[1] as $val) $html = str_replace("&#".$val.";",chr($val),$html); return $html; } function lesser_entity_decode($html) { //supports the most used entity codes $html = str_replace("&nbsp;"," ",$html); $html = str_replace("&amp;","&",$html); $html = str_replace("&lt;","<",$html); $html = str_replace("&gt;",">",$html); $html = str_replace("&laquo;","",$html); $html = str_replace("&raquo;","",$html); $html = str_replace("&para;","",$html); $html = str_replace("&euro;","",$html); $html = str_replace("&trade;","",$html); $html = str_replace("&copy;","",$html); $html = str_replace("&reg;","",$html); $html = str_replace("&plusmn;","",$html); $html = str_replace("&tilde;","~",$html); $html = str_replace("&circ;","^",$html); $html = str_replace("&quot;",'"',$html); $html = str_replace("&permil;","",$html); $html = str_replace("&Dagger;","",$html); $html = str_replace("&dagger;","",$html); return $html; } function AdjustHTML($html,$usepre=true) { //Try to make the html text more manageable (turning it into XHTML) //Remove javascript code from HTML (should not appear in the PDF file) $regexp = '|<script.*?</script>|si'; $html = preg_replace($regexp,'',$html); $html = str_replace("\r\n","\n",$html); //replace carriagereturnlinefeedcombo by a simple linefeed $html = str_replace("\f",'',$html); //replace formfeed by nothing $html = str_replace("\r",'',$html); //replace carriage return by nothing if ($usepre) //used to keep \n on content inside <pre> and inside <textarea> { // Preserve '\n's in content between the tags <pre> and </pre> $regexp = '#<pre(.*?)>(.+?)</pre>#si';...
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