html2fpdf - <?php /* *** General-use version * DEBUG...

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Unformatted text preview: <?php /* *** General-use version * DEBUG HINT:- Inside function printbuffer make $fill=1- Inside function Cell make: if($fill==1 or $border==1) { // if ($fill==1) $op=($border==1) ? 'B' : 'f'; // else $op='S'; $op='S';- Following these 2 steps you will be able to see the cell's boundaries- WARNING: When adding a new tag support, also add its name inside the function DisableTags()'s very long string D ODDITIES (?): . It seems like saved['border'] and saved['bgcolor'] are useless inside the FlowingBlock... These 2 attributes do the same thing?!?: . $this->currentfont - mine . $this->CurrentFont - fpdf's . TODO (in the future...):- Make font-family, font-size, lineheight customizable- Increase number of HTML/CSS tags/properties, Image/Font Types, recognized/supported- allow BMP support? (tried with but failed)- Improve CSS support- support image side-by-side or one-below-another or both?- Improve code clarity even more (modularize and get better var names like on textbuffer array's indexes for example) t ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////DO NOT MODIFY THE CONTENTS OF THIS BOX////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // // HTML2FPDF is a php script to read a HTML text and generate a PDF file. // // Copyright (C) 2004-2005 Renato Coelho // // This script may be distributed as long as the following files are kept // // together: // // // // fpdf.php, html2fpdf.php, gif.php,htmltoolkit.php,license.txt,credits.txt // // // ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// / Misc. Observations:- CSS + align = bug! (?) OBS1: para textos de mais de 1 p gina, talvez tenha que juntar varios $texto_artigo antes de mandar gerar o PDF, para que o PDF gerado seja completo. OBS2: there are 2 types of spaces 32 and 160 (ascii values) OBS3: //! is a special comment to be used with source2doc.php, a script I created in order to generate the doc on the site OBS4: var $LineWidth; // line width in user unit - use this to make css thin/medium/thick work OBS5: Images and Textareas: when they are inserted you can only type below them (==display:block) OBS6: Optimized to 'A4' paper (default font: Arial , normal , size 11 ) OBS7: Regexp + Perl ([preg]accepts non-greedy quantifiers while PHP[ereg] does not) Perl: '/regexp/x' where x == option ( x = i:ignore case , x = s: DOT gets \n as well) ========================END OF INITIAL COMMENTS================================= */ * define('HTML2FPDF_VERSION','3.0(beta)'); if (!defined('RELATIVE_PATH')) define('RELATIVE_PATH',''); if (!defined('FPDF_FONTPATH')) define('FPDF_FONTPATH','font/'); require_once(RELATIVE_PATH.'fpdf.php'); require_once(RELATIVE_PATH.'htmltoolkit.php'); r class HTML2FPDF extends FPDF { //internal attributes var $HREF; //! string var $pgwidth; //! float var $fontlist; //! array var $issetfont; //! bool var $issetcolor; //! boolvar $issetcolor; //!...
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This note was uploaded on 08/14/2009 for the course ITP 204X taught by Professor Dent during the Spring '08 term at USC.

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html2fpdf - <?php /* *** General-use version * DEBUG...

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