Lec20 - Go Over Stereonet Rule of the Vs o When your bed...

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Daylighting University of California, Berkeley Professor Ken Johnson Civil Engineering 70 Engineering Geology Civil Engineering 70 Lecture 20 11/6/07 Homework Due Next Tuesday 11/13/07 Field Trip Memorandum 11/20/07 Strike and Dip o Apparent Dip < True Dip Perpendicular to the Strike o Thickness > True Thickness Perpendicular to the Plane Daylighting Foliation plane cut off by slope
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Unformatted text preview: Go Over Stereonet Rule of the Vs o When your bed dips in the same direction as topography V points down slope o When your bed dips opposite to the topographu V points up slope o Supplemental Contours can also help determine the V direction Lecture 20 1 of 1 11/6/07 Written By Raymond Leung...
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