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chem 211 4 notes

chem 211 4 notes - Nature of gases Observing gases Bulk...

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Nature of gases Observing gases Bulk matter: matter w/ large amounts of molecules Compressable: can be confined to a smaller volume Gases immediately fill the space available to them, molecues are widely separated and in ceaselessly chaotic motion Pressure is force exerted by gas divided by area F P A = measured in pascals (Pa) 2 1 1 kg Pa m s = also use torr, atmosphere (atm) gas laws boyle’s law for a fixed amount of gas at constant temperature volume is inversely proportional to pressure 1 1 , V P P V P PV= constant Charles’s law For a fized amount of gas under constant pressure, volume is directly proportional to the temperature V T P The point that corresponds to 0 volume and -273.15 C cannot be reached As temperature of gas is raised, average speed of the molecues increases, thus pressure is increased P T P avogadro’s principle molar volume is volume occupied per mole of molecules therefore, under the same conditions of temperature and pressure, gas molecules occupy the
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