Endocrine Hormones Exam 1

Endocrine Hormones Exam 1 - Hormone Somatotrophin = STH...

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Hormone Site of Synthesis Chemical Class Primary Function Means Secondary Function Means Control of Secretion Somatotrophin = STH adenohypophysis -- PPP Increase Linear Height stimulate anabolism stimulate metabolism stimulate enzymes of hormones somatotrophe cells stimulate somatomedin protein anabolism somatoliberin/crinin + synthesis CHO catabolism somatostatin - lipid catabolism thyroxine + increase blood glucose synthesis of glucagon substance P + synthesis of cortisol ADH (AVP) + enzymes of CHO catab Androgens, estrogen+ insulin antagonist progestins increase blood pressure increase solutes in plasm Nor-epinepherine -/+ increase immune resp. increase # structures th neurological produce antibodies alpha adrenergic + increase plasma Ca increase intest. Absorpt beta adrenergic + of calcium psychological increase renal reabsorptio increase cell membrane physiological amino acids blood pressure increase O2 transport synthesis erythropoietin blood glucose stimulate breast develop Mechanical the duct system increase lactation Somatoliberin = SRF Hypothalamus PPP increase STH secretion increase secretion of all factors that increase STH hormones of ant pituitary increase SRF factors that decrease STH decrease SRF Somatostatin = SS Hypothalamus PPP decrease STH synthesis decrease secretion of all factors that increase STH Stomach decrease insulin hormones of ant pituitary decrease SS Small Intestine decrease glucagon decrease immune response factors that decrease STH Delta cells in Islets of decrease digestion increase SS Langerhans-Pancreas Somatomedin = SM Liver PPP Increase linear height stimulate enzymes of decrease plasma glucose increase cellular up- factors that increase STH Insulin-like growth Kidneys protein anabolism take of glucose increase SM factors (IGF) stimulate osteoblast cell
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Endocrine Hormones Exam 1 - Hormone Somatotrophin = STH...

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