Biology of Cancer

Biology of Cancer - Biology of Cancer First...

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Biology of Cancer First Lecture (Interactive to see how much we know) 6/2/09 -Cancer is uncontrolled and unregulated cell division (cell growth, cell division and cell differentiation and cell proliferation). Mechanistic -We have 0 oncogenes if we are non cancerous patients. The development of oncogenes will cause cancer. Mechanism -In cancer program cell death is prevented from occurring. Program cell death is repressed. Mechanism -Cancer occurs due to several accumulations of mutations. Mechanism -Metastasis Progression -Errors in regulatory genes cause cancer. Mechanism -Complications in the cell cycle cause cancer. Mechanism -Cancer of the epithelial cells is carcinomas, cancer of connective tissues is called sarcomas, and cancer of blood tissue is referred to as leukemia or lymphoma. -We do not inherit cancer, but we inherit a susceptibility to certain cancers. Based on knowledge now we do not believe that cancer is inheritable. -80 percent of all cancers are environmentally induced and 20 are virally induced. -Mutation in a tumor suppressor gene can lead to cancer. -Cancer in children is different in the ways that it only takes a few mutations in order for cancer to occur, adult cancers on the other hand take a long time to occur. -There are cancer susceptibility genes. -High fat diet may be involved in a few cancers such as colorectal cancer and stomach cancer. Scientist has been trying to link high fat to breast cancer but they have not been able to link them yet. At least not in humans, but they have been successful in linking the two in animals. Definition (what is cancer)
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Biology of Cancer - Biology of Cancer First...

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