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UNIVERSITY OF KWAZULU-NATAL, PIETERMARITZBURG EXAMINATIONS: JUNE 2007 SUBJECT, COURSE AND CODE: INCOME TAX (PLA5TX1) INCOME TAX (LAWS4IT) DURATION: 2 HOURS TOTAL MARKS: 60 External Examiner: Mr Daryl Arbuckle Internal Examiner: Ms S Soni STUDENTS ARE REQUESTED, IN THEIR OWN INTERESTS, TO WRITE EGIBLY L PLEASE NOTE: This question paper consists of 3 pages. Please see that you have them all . ___________________________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS 1. Answer any TWO (2) of the THREE (3) questions. 2. When answering questions, refer, where appropriate, to relevant decided cases. 3. Do not deal with any capital gains tax issues arising out of the questions. 4. This is a closed book examination, and you are not permitted to consult any materials in the writing of the examination. QUESTION ONE Explain the criteria that the courts apply in determining, for the purposes of section 11(a) of the Income Tax Act whether expenditure was incurred “in the production of
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