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Brittany Burkhart Professor O’Leary-Rockey 2 August 2009 IDS310 I personally do not feel there could be one specific American villain. I do not believe race plays a huge role in who Americans dislike as a whole. It has been awhile since September 11, and I really believe our dislike of Muslims, Arabs, etc. has died down. I think that it is more each individual’s actions that name them a villain. Lately, three big issues that have an affect on Americans would be going green, the economy, and abortion. We really dislike big companies that do not obey laws whether it is by child labor, cheating taxes, or treating the environment poorly. We are constantly hearing of the big CFO’s and CEO’s that are filled with greed and take advantage of us. I think those people are the biggest villain’s. The majority of them that I have seen were white, American, and male. They wear suits, own big houses, and have families.
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Unformatted text preview: However, they really could be of any race or gender. American’s are becoming so frugal and willing to save that they do not want big companies to benefit unrightfully. I could see a film being made about one of the big wigs of a company, to mirror Enron, AIG, or many others. This villain represents a little greedy, sneaky, mean man who “runs off with our money.” I also believe many of our villains may be of a political nature. However, certain people are going to think one way and others another. People blame the government for a huge part of our economic mess. So, the government could be looked at as a villain. We tend to really not like the IRS either, as they are “taking our money.” We also see these people as white, males, who wear suits. Their attitudes would be seen as greedy schmoozer’s....
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