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Burkhart_Week 2 Assignment

Burkhart_Week 2 Assignment - Brittany Burkhart 20 July 2009...

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Brittany Burkhart 20 July 2009 Professor O’Leary-Rockey IDS310 The Girl Without Hands Please select three stories from the above Website and analyze the following: 1. Who are the characters in the story and what is the function of each one of them? Ie: who are the ‘good guys’? Who are the ‘bad guys’? Why or what makes them good/bad? The first character would be the young girl, or the queen. She is a good guy, and the main character in the story. She always does as she is told and never complains. She does what is best for her son and cares about him. The girl’s father is a bad guy. He does not realize that he trades her off, but then when he is ordered to chop off her hands he does. He should have instead let the devil take him, seeing that he was the one who caused this whole mess. Another character was the king whom the young girl married. He was very nice and spent seven years looking for her. He was a good guy and loved her very much. The king’s mom was a good character, even though she sent the girl away. She lied so that she did not need to have the queen killed. The queen’s mom did not have much of a part but overall she did nothing bad so is a good character. 2. What is the plot of the story- summarize in about three to four sentences… The devil comes to a man’s house and says he’ll trade what is in his back yard to make you rich. The man is quick to trade and then his wife realizes the devil did not mean the apple tree but his daughter. The daughter keeps on washing herself clean so the father is eventually made to chop off her hands so that the devil can take her. An angel eventually finds her and takes her to eat fruit in this garden. There, she meets the king who wants to marry her. She has his son
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while he is off in battle. The devil changes the letters in which they send back and forth and she is made to leave the castle and go live on her own. The King eventually comes home and spends seven years looking until he finds her. They then live happily ever after at the castle.
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