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Post week 10 - how we could cut some costs Maybe some...

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The state is still trying to balance the budget before the final proposal, which will take place very shortly this summer. There still appears to be a 5 billion dollar gap. The governor has proposed some ideas, and the Patriot News has presented some ideas as well. If you had the ultimate power, how would YOU either cut 5 billion or generate 5 billion (in new revenue) from the budget in order to avoid a shortage? Please defend your assessment. This is due by noon on Friday, June 12th. Something absolutely needs to be done. The state jobs are on freeze, and internships are not even available. Perhaps we need to bring in some more auditors and evaluators to see
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Unformatted text preview: how we could cut some costs. Maybe some people are being overpaid, such as GM’s situation. This would be an easy problem to fix and not cut spending in other areas. This makes Pennsylvania look like a very unwelcoming state to live in. To create more revenue we could build more casinos and horse racing tracks. We could also boost the lottery and create more incentives to play. I would rather generate five billion than cut five billion. I would have trouble seeing where to cut. I can think of many roads that need fixed, and many schools that need improvement. I do not believe any area could afford to have spending cut....
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