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BUS 220 Chapter 10 Assignment p. 227 #1) In your field of study, how much influence or regulation should the local or federal government have in the hiring process? Explain. The government should not be involved in the hiring process of an accountant, especially in a small private firm. Safety issues would not be a concern, nor is any special uniform required. If a CPA is required, checks would be done to assure the proper certification, other than that special government trainings are not necessary. The only influence the government would have is the basic mandatory laws that all businesses must follow, such as Civil Rights, Age Discrimination, Privacy, Disabilities, and Immigration Control. Local government would have no affect on the hiring of an accountant, other than taxes. #2) Some critics claim that corporate HR departments have outlived their usefulness and are not there to help employees but to shield the organization from legal problems. What is your opinion? Describe benefits and detriments, and please use your adopted business as a primary example if possible. Human Resource departments should still be a part of a larger business.
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management_Chapter_10 - BUS 220 Chapter 10 Assignment p...

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