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BUS 220 FAILURE Assignment

BUS 220 FAILURE Assignment - Who(besides yourself was...

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FAILURE!!!!! Many times in our professional and personal lives, we have encountered some type of failure. It has probably occurred at various levels and in different aspects of our existence. In order to become a better leader, manager, employee or person (or a combination of all four categories) it is imperative to rebound from your failures. Please cite a specific example where you have failed and describe the following: 1) The task in which you failed to complete or produce the designated result 2) When and where in your life this occurred 3)
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Unformatted text preview: Who (besides yourself) was affected by your ineptitude 4) What you did (or what could you have done ) to rectify the situation 5) What you learned from this failure 6) How this lesson will help you succeed in the business world Please be as specific and as honest as possible. Your responses will NOT be shared with other classmates, thus your privacy will be secured. People too often equate failures as a NEGATIVE component. But, with the proper attitude and perspective, people’s failures can become their most valuable asset....
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