BUS 220 Chapter 1 - BUS 220 Chapter 1 Assignment p 19#1 Is...

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BUS 220 Chapter 1 Assignment p. 19 #1) Is there one best “style” of management? Why or why not? State the best style of management in your adopted company/field of study. Defend your answer. Each field of study or company needs to be handled differently because they have totally different working environments, employees, and goals. There are different ways to manage each differently to be most effective. Being in the accounting field, Deloitte needs to have efficiency. The company wants to do as many tax returns in the short time of tax season as quickly and accurately as they can. They also need to be effective and meet their goals of doing many tax returns. Management needs to be sure that their employees are actually doing work and not wasting time doing other things. This way, they are getting the most out of their employees, and their money. I believe the traditional structure would work best for the accounting field. They should have their most experienced managers at the top of the pyramid and the lower level at the bottom with the least amount of control. #2) Does the way that contemporary organizations are structured appeal to you? Why or Why not? It absolutely does and evidence has proved it to be successful. It makes sense to have people at the top having most control, and also the most experience, and then the levels of management descend to the people that have the least amount of involvement in the company, the non managerial employees. The pyramid works and allows the company to classify each person to keep control and eliminate any unnecessary employees. Managers
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BUS 220 Chapter 1 - BUS 220 Chapter 1 Assignment p 19#1 Is...

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