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Many managers and employees are not on the same page when defining what best motivates an employee. Using your field of study as the primary example, please state what primarily motivates you at work and state what your company or your supervisor feels is the biggest motivating factor(s). Do they match? Use an example if possible. This is due by noon on May 29th. The first motivator for me is wanting a bigger paycheck. I know the more I am there, the more hours I will get paid for. Also, I am motivated to get things done as quickly and accurately as possible for clients. The well being of my clients and their taxes are important to me. I would not want any of them to get in trouble because I did something for them incorrectly, especially since they are paying me. They place trust on me to do their taxes and other planning items correctly. I would not want to break that trust. I feel that my supervisor may see that the motivator is to get things done as quickly as possible
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Unformatted text preview: to serve as many clients as we can and earn a larger amount of money. However, I think they also want to keep customer loyalty and trust by doing things correctly. If our company wants to keep their current business and earn other people’s business, then we need to treat them well. For the most part, I believe that these two motivations for employees and managers match, besides the fact that the supervisor does not care if the employee is getting paid well or not. I guess all in all, an employee is motivated to get the best for themselves while a manager is motivated to do what’s best for the company as a whole. An example would be if an employee wants to double check over a tax return and put in extra time to make sure it is correctly done, while the supervisor says it is probably right and to just move on to the next return. I also think it specifically depends on each person....
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