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BUS 220 Chapter 6 Assignment 1) Using the chart from 6.1 as your primary example along with the content from pages 120-127, please complete the following assignment: You have taken over as the head of our Traditional Admissions Department at Central Pennsylvania College, and you have been tasked to purchase a company car for an admission representative who normally does 60 visitations in six months. The average travel distance is 90 miles to and from each destination. Most destinations are located in Juniata, Franklin and Perry Counties. With the aforementioned information along with your general knowledge of Central Pennsylvania College’s culture, you will need to formulate a decision-making process. The first step (Identification of a Problem) is: “We need a company car”. You will need at least five items in your “Identification of Decision Criteria” (step 2). Please complete the final steps in this process, and show your work (explain your data) at every step. You can either defend your work by using charts or by utilizing paragraph form. After you have made your final selection, please ensure that you have fully explained your decision based upon the data you have provided. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Identification of a Problem
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Management_chapter_6 - BUS 220 Chapter 6 Assignment 1)...

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