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BUS 220 Ch 2 Assignment #1) Can a mathematical (quantitative) technique help a manager solve a “people” problem, such as how to motivate an employee or how to distribute work equitably? Defend your answer and please use your adopted business as your primary example. Without a precise way of gauging all aspects of a business, constant advancement will not happen. A business will become stagnant as managers have no way of comparing present activities of employees’ to prior years. The use of quantitative technique is essential when dealing with employees. When a goal is set only for lowering costs, one may overlook the feelings of personnel who may feel as if their contributions do not matter, and therefore will not be motivated to work to their best potential. Records need to be kept for work output of each employee, so that slackers are not unfairly putting their loads on others. Bonuses could be used to motivate employees to do more work. If accurate statistics are not kept, a manager would have no knowledge of what output was coming from each employee. For example, Deloitte Accounting might find that some employees are not getting as much work completed per day as others in the firm. Studies could be done to check the amount of time spent online for each
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management_4_20 - BUS 220 Ch 2 Assignment#1 Can a...

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