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BUS 220 Chapter 3 - decisions/interacts with...

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BUS 220 Chapter 3 Assignment #1) Referring to Exhibit 3-3, how would a first-line manager’s job differ in these two organizations? How about a top-level manager’s job? #2) Can culture be a liability to an organization? Please use your field of study as your primary example. #3) Select two forms of legislation from exhibit 3.10 on page 59 and state how they either directly or indirectly impact how your adopted company operates/makes
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Unformatted text preview: decisions/interacts with customers/communicates with employees/etc. Please use specific examples. #4) Using Exhibit 3.9, define your adopted company’s main supplier(s), main target market group, primary competitor(s) and a pressure group that has or could potential cause public relation problems....
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