Burkhart-Glass Ceiling Assignment

Burkhart-Glass Ceiling Assignment - Glass Ceiling...

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Glass Ceiling Effect/Gender Biases Concerning your field of study, do you believe that there exists a glass ceiling effect? Defend your answer with statistics, managerial quotes, observations, personal experience, etc. How would you either combat that particular problem in your industry or in your current workplace environment? Be as specific and/or creative as possible. If you currently are not employed in your field, you will have to utilize professional speculation to the best of your ability. In general, do female managers treat subordinates differently than male managers? Do they treat male employees differently than female employees? How? If so, is that a bad thing ? Explain. Please use pertinent data to substantiate your statements. In the field of accounting, the glass ceiling has cracked and broken. There still are places were it is intact, but for the most part, there is a gaping hole. Women have definitely been taking their place in the accounting business. For the year of 2006, 62 percent of accountants were women according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Marx 1). In addition, the American Institute of CPA’s stated that half of their new members were female (Marx 1). Obtaining a CPA is the result of one’s own hard work and the ability to pass a totally unbiased test. Therefore, a gender barrier does not exist for a woman who wants to become a CPA. There are no glass ceilings in my present place of employment either. In fact, one could say the opposite is true as
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Burkhart-Glass Ceiling Assignment - Glass Ceiling...

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