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Short and simple: Did the government handle the GM situation properly? What is the future of the company? Does it have an unfair advantage over Ford? Defend your assessment. This is due by noon on SATURDAY, JUNE 6th. I do not feel that GM deserved a bailout. They have dug themselves into a $90.5 billion negative net worth pit. (Ramsey 1).The first $20 billion that we gave them out of our own pockets disappeared like water and did absolutely no good whatsoever. The CEO’s have abused funds with their extravagant benefits and so many workers have to suffer from job losses and now nonexistent health and pension assistances. My mom and grandparents are from a generation that believes in buying American. We all own GM and Chrysler vehicles. What disgrace these companies have brought to American made cars. I really feel this is to be blamed on poor administration and the government and the American people should not be held responsible for these careless mismanaged companies. Experts
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