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Burkhart-City Highway Department Assignment

Burkhart-City Highway Department Assignment - CITY HIGHWAY...

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CITY HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT In snow-belt regions, rapid weather changes at certain times of the year cause potholes to form in the roads. The potholes make driving unpleasant and can cause damage to vehicles. It was early in the winter and complaints from city residents about potholes were increasing. The mayor asked the administrator of the highway department to deal with the problem. The administrator believed that the road crews assigned to fill potholes were not working fast enough. He decided to initiate a goal-setting program to improve the performance of the road crews. After conducting some time studies to determine how long it would take to fill potholes, the administrator decided to set a standard, but the administrator estimated that productivity needed to improve by 20% to eliminate unfilled potholes. The same standard was used for all of the crews, without regard to where they were assigned to work. Road crews were instructed to record the location of each pothole they filled on a worksheet. Each crew was also given a sheet listing the proper procedures for filling a pothole. Unless the work is done properly, the fix will only last a short time. To ensure the records were accurate, the area supervisors spot-checked some of the repaired potholes on a random basis by driving by the work site the next day. The supervisors also reviewed the records once a week to determine if each crew achieved the standard. Weekly performance data were posted on a bulletin board so the crews could compare their performance.
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