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Unformatted text preview: tion.com 1) pHm > pHc 2) pHm = pHc 3) pHm < pHc 2004 M. Kubinec, A. Pines L40-14 2004 M. Kubinec, A. Pines 4 CHEM 1A, L- 40: "Chemistry vs. Biochemistry" C6H12O6 (1 mole) ATP and Metabolism ATP 38 moles ATP Proteins catabolism anabolism ~ 3000 kJ ~4 moles Peptide Bonds CO2 + H2O 2004 M. Kubinec, A. Pines ADP Free Amino Acids L40-16 ChemQuiz 40.3 Combustion of glucose releases about 3000 kJ/mol. How efficiently is this stored as ATP ? C6H12O6 (1 mole) ATP 38 moles ATP ADP ~ 3000 kJ CO2 + H2O 1) ~90% 2004 M. Kubinec, A. Pines 2) ~60% 3) ~40% L40-17 ChemQuiz 40.4 How many grams of glucose are required to make 1 mole of...
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