L37S07_Polyprotic Acids, Amino Acids 04-20-07

3 shown is in yellow the titration of hac per mole

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Unformatted text preview: s in yellow the titration of HAc per mole KOH. Which is the KOH. correct curve for x10 dilution of HAc? HAc? 1) A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB H2O HAc 2) mol OHmol OH- 3) mol OHL37-4 A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB 1 Chem 1A L 37: "Polyprotic Acids, Amino Acids " PolyProtic Acids/Blood Buffer Summary Blood pH Stats: pH PCO = 40 torr 2 pKa2 pKa1 +OH A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UBC [CO2] = 1.2 mM [CO2] = [H2CO3] Carbonic Anhydrase Kidneys Lungs Henry's Law [HCO3-] = 24 mM L30-12 A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB L37-6 PolyProtic Acids: Indicators Thymol Blue (H2Thy) (H Thy) HThypH pKa2 Thy-2 + H+ pKa2 = 8.8 pKa1 H2Thy HThy- + H+ +OH- pKa1 = 2.0 A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB L37-7 PolyProtic Acids H2CO3 pH H3PO4 H2SO4 trend: pKa1 < pKa2 < pKa3 pKa2 pKa1 HCO3H2CO3 +OH- CO3-2 + H3O+ pKa2 = 10.2 HCO3- + H3O+ pKa1 = 6.1 A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB L37-8 A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB 2 Chem 1A L 37: "Polyprotic Acids, Amino Acids " ChemQuiz 37.1 Which carbonate species is present in the highest concentration at pH 7 ? pKa2 pKa1 1) H2CO3...
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