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8 h 572 kj mol 1 k at equilibrium t l18 4

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Unformatted text preview: -1 = K at Equilibrium (T) L18-4 A.Pines,M.Kubinec.UCB L18-5 A.Pines,M.Kubinec.UCB Ammonia Synthesis (Haber-Bosch 1910) (HaberN2 (g) + 3 H2 (g) H ~ -92 kJ 2 NH3 (g) mol-1 Raise P Multiple Equilibria A H1 K1 B B H2 K2 C = [C] [A] A H3 K3 C Slow at 25o C. High T means low K: K3 = [C][B] ][B [A][B] ][B = K1 K2 Actual Conditions: T~ 500 oC P~ 200 atm L18-9 H3 = H1 + H2 A.Pines,M.Kubinec.UCB L18-10 A.Pines,M.Kubinec.UCB Effect of P, V, T, n 2 NO2 (g) N2O4 (g) Equilibrium At 25 C, K ~ 6.8, H = -57.2 kJ mol-1 Exothermic Q= PN2O4 P2NO2 = K at Equilibrium (T) L30-3 2001 A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB 1 Chem 1A, L30: "Equilibrium, Temp, LeChatelier" ChemQuiz 30.1 The volume is doubled by opening the valve. As the system approaches equilibrium the color intensity will ...? 1) Increase 2001 A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB 2) Same 3) Decrease L30-4 Le Chtelier's Principle A system in equilibrium subjected to a stress will react in a direction that tends to reduce the stress Q=K Q>K Q=K V P Q 2001 A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB L30-6 ChemQuiz 30.2 Which str...
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