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Pinesmkubinecucb l30 6 chemquiz 302 which strategy can

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Unformatted text preview: ategy can best reverse CO blood poisoning? poisoning? Hb(O2)4 + 4 CO Hb( 2 Hb(CO)4 + 4 O2 Hb( CO) L30-7 1) Increase P O 2) Cool off 3) Remove Hb 2001 A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB 2 Chem 1A, L30: "Equilibrium, Temp, LeChatelier" ChemQuiz 30.3 The temperature for 2 NO2 (g) N2O4 (g) is raised. What happens to the color intensity at equilibrium? 1) Increase 2) Same 2001 A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB 3) Decrease L30-9 Ammonia Synthesis (Haber-Bosch 1910) (HaberN2 (g) + 3 H2 (g) 2 NH3 (g) H ~ -92 kJ mol-1 Slow at 25o C. High T means low K: Raise P Actual Conditions: T~ 500 oC P~ 200 atm L30-11 2001 A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB Multiple Equilibria A H1 K1 B B [ C] [A ] H2 K2 C A H3 K3 C K3 = = [C][B] ][B [A][B] ][B = K1 K2 H3 = H1 + H2 2001 A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB L30-12 A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB 3 Chem 1A, L30: "Equilibrium, Temp, LeChatelier" ChemQuiz 30.4 For the molecular rearrangement shown, how does K depend on T? K K A H1 B H2 C K 1) T 2001 A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB 2) T 3) T L30-13 ChemQuiz 30.5 Consider the equilibria: Ni(H20)62+ Ni(H20)62+ Ni(NH3)62+ 6 NH3 K1 3 en K3 en en NH3 Ni(NH3)62+ Ni(en)32+ What is the color of K2 ? Ni(en)32+ 1) Blue 2001 A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB 2) Violet 3) Can't tell Can' L30-15 Lecture Complete 2001 A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB L30-17 A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UCB 4...
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