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chemquiz 121 when an electron spin flips for which

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Unformatted text preview: ig." ChemQuiz 12.1 When an electron spin flips, for which of the flips, following is the energy not altered ? 1) N 2004 M. Kubinec, A.Pines 2s 1s 2p 2) O 3) F L12-7 ChemQuiz 12.2 Which species, in its ground state, exhibits state, absorption from n=1 to n=2 ? 1) F 2004 M. Kubinec, A.Pines h 2) F - 3) Na L12-9 ChemQuiz 12.3 For which species does paramagnetism increase upon ionization ? e- 1) C 2004 M. Kubinec, A.Pines 2) N 3) Ne L12-11 2001 A.Pines,M.Kubinec,UC Regents 3 CHEM 1A L12: "Electronic Config." C...
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