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Unformatted text preview: 16.00 2000 A.Pines M.Kubinec UCB Acetylene CH 2000 A.Pines M.Kubinec UCB 2002 M. Kubinec ChemQuiz 2.3 30g of phosphorous react with 40 g oxygen gas to form an oxide. What is the emperical formula of the oxide? P O2 1) PO2 2002 M. Kubinec 2) P2O5 3) P3O4 L3-2 Which graph correctly depicts the accumulated mass of the phosphorus oxide versus mass of added phosphorus? phosphorus? ChemQuiz 2.4 1) 2) 3) L3-4 2002 M. Kubinec 2003 M.Kubinec Chem 1A , L3: Solution Reactions Bulk Matter Density of Gases CH3CH2CH2OH = molar density (all gases) = mass density (MW are equal) mass density = 0.0027 g/ml H O CH3CHCH3 2002 M. Kubinec L1-8 Co...
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