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Sessiion_4B_ISH - Session 4B Learning Objectives Examine...

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Unformatted text preview: Session 4B Learning Objectives Examine the internet, its infrastructure, benefits and risks Discuss network technologies and their application to business, elearning and telecommuting Copyright I. SplettstoesserHogeterp, 2009 1 $10 million ransom for retaining privacy for pharmaceutical data In May 2009 hackers claimed that they had copied millions of personal pharmaceutical records They wanted $10 million for their `return' "Hackers want millions for data on prescriptions," by B. Krebs and A. Kumar, www.washingtonpost.com (May 8, 2009) Copyright I. SplettstoesserHogeterp, 2009 2 Differentiating the Internet from the World Wide Web (WWW) Internet is a worldwide WAN (p. 411) enabled by the WWW WWW is a set of standards that address use of information in a client/server architecture (p. 415) Copyright I. SplettstoesserHogeterp, 2009 3 Are you comfortable with these terms? Compare www.sears.ca to http://suppliers.sears.ca Clientserver architecture (p. 410) Home page or web site (p. 415) Uniform resource locator (URL, p. 415) Extranet or intranet (p. 412) Darknet (p. 412)? There may be a lot of new terminology in this course for you. 4 Copyright I. SplettstoesserHogeterp, 2009 Are you a heavy `NET user? If so, then you are likely to be a `light socializer,' spending less time with family and friends Think about how the internet has affected your interpersonal relations do you spend more time on email than in person with people? Copyright I. SplettstoesserHogeterp, 2009 5 Social networking sites employ thousands of people As of May 2009 MySpace employed 1420 in the U.S. while Facebook employed 850 worldwide MySpace had about 125 million users and Facebook 200 million as of the same date Source: "MySpace slashes jobs," by The Associated Press, Metro, June 17/09, p. 19 Copyright I. SplettstoesserHogeterp, 2009 6 Technologies supporting electronic commerce and data communications See: www.canarie.ca Hardware Communications processors Channels and media include: Optical, microwave or wireless communications, multiple technologies Smaller, slimmer, faster processors Higher capacity, faster hard drives 7 Copyright I. SplettstoesserHogeterp, 2009 Technologies supporting electronic commerce and data communications Software Universally available communications protocol software and languages Better software for handling multiple file types Easier to use interfaces Security/encryption systems Copyright I. SplettstoesserHogeterp, 2009 8 All that data on the internet is accessible ... University of Toronto researchers claim that hackers from China, dubbed "GhostNet" were able to access over 1,000 secure sites in 103 countries Source: "Chinese ridicule U of T spy report," by B. Schiller, Toronto Star, April 1, 2009, p. A19 Copyright I. SplettstoesserHogeterp, 2009 9 Internal networks versus Internet Need to consider: Areas where standards are required Internal networks can use www standards or other standards 10 number of locations what volume is to be transferred or dealt with nature of information Copyright I. SplettstoesserHogeterp, 2009 Summarizing WWW benefits Connect virtually anywhere at minimal cost Opportunities for marketing, distribution very broad Can be used internally (intranet) or externally (extranet) Portability increases potential breadth of access Copyright I. SplettstoesserHogeterp, 2009 11 WWW Risks or Disadvantages Many standards Systems exposed to viruses, hackers and spam POD 7 VIDEO Need to use firewalls Be wary of newer virus forms Spam can cause "denial of service" Copyright I. SplettstoesserHogeterp, 2009 12 WWW Risks or Disadvantages (continued) Data sent via the internet is NOT private Have you ever done a search of your own name on the internet? 13 Encryption is needed Biosensor technology makes more information available There is a conflict between individual and business rights (e.g. web spiders) Copyright I. SplettstoesserHogeterp, 2009 Management Perspective Opportunities need to be balanced against costs New methods must be for a valid business purpose Different management methods need to be used to manage a dispersed work force Copyright I. SplettstoesserHogeterp, 2009 14 Terminology check ... Consider Can you describe each of these terms with an example or distinguish among them? (1)LAN, (2)WAN, (3)VAN, (4)enterprise networks (5)backbone networks, (6)ethernet, (7)TCP/IP & IP, (8)packet switching, (9) HTTP (10) client/server and peer topeer computing 15 Copyright I. SplettstoesserHogeterp, 2009 How do you access the internet? Chapter 5 describes: Search engines Multiple languages Portals (4 types). See www.Biddingo.com Be able to describe and provide examples of these technologies Communication tools Collaboration technologies Copyright I. SplettstoesserHogeterp, 2009 16 "Web 2.0:" enriching tools The Web 2.0 technologies, applications and sites listed in p. 149154 provide a wealth of information, easy to use or copy Conference Board of Canada recalled a report after admitting that they had plagiarized parts of it (itbusiness.ca, "Canadian piracy report plagiarized, says Internet law expert," May 26, 2009, "Conference Board of Canada recalls copyright piracy reports, admits plagiarism," May 29, 2009, both articles by B. Jackson) Copyright I. SplettstoesserHogeterp, 2009 17 Web services and SOA and widgets The web services on p. 156 provide standards to facilitate intersystem communication Widgets (p. 157) are similar to "utilities" Copyright I. SplettstoesserHogeterp, 2009 18 Case SOA at TD Banknorth (p. 166) This case helps you examine the advantages and disadvantages of SOA (service oriented architecture) POD10 will help us with this case Copyright I. SplettstoesserHogeterp, 2009 19 Case Tony's Restaurant (web) Tony's restaurant would like to implement a web site This case is about considering the implications and providing assistance POD1 will be presenting this case Copyright I. SplettstoesserHogeterp, 2009 20 Case Cheerios (p. 153) This case considers current methods of using the internet for marketing by Cheerios POD2 will be doing this case with the class Copyright I. SplettstoesserHogeterp, 2009 21 ...
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