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imine formation - MECHHlenA FOP IMINE FomATtON w H Cw H“Y...

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Unformatted text preview: + MECHHlenA FOP; IMINE FomATtON w H Cw.) / + H“Y —___.:. HBH .. .. '3 CfiRBINOLRMINE \l( + ”:05 4———‘—, X‘F RNH; LEE—H: NHK gg; flHGER GNHR Kill-LL Y :NR flMlNE-f‘ NOTES: _ :0? N0 /[\ FORMER IN ACIBIC SOLUTION, + _ H .5 cR-THLNT‘IC3NGT STDIQHIOMETRIL. ComsEQucNTl—‘IJ IN to HDbleDN To R-Nt‘fl THERE ARE OTHER. SPECIES IN SOLUTION thH NON—PROTONHTED Nonnommme ELEZTRONS T'H-fi-T can DEPRDTDNBTE'V'HLIDIC— PraomNE (SEE Rsmmns), ' 35‘3”“; THE "PRODUCT (MINE ls 1N EQUlLlBlllumthl-f THE STHILTINQ anE-r-HBE ma. KE‘TDNE Rub ’BE‘CRUSE‘ H10 IS ALSO HPIUDBLJCT 0F— (M1NE FDKMh'T‘ION J ths ”5551‘ To use: A NDN~HQUEDUS on-mmflc. RLtb LIICE‘ H151», . ...
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