Exam 1 Fall 2006

Exam 1 Fall 2006 - Examination I VPHY 3100 Elements of...

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1 Examination I VPHY 3100 Elements of Physiology September 11 th , 2006 1:25 - 2:15 p.m. Multiple Choice (2.5 points each) CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER 1. Which of the following statement are true concerning the plasma membrane? A. The membrane structure is a phospholipid monolayer. B. The membrane structure is hydrophilic facing the extracellular compartment and hydrophobic on the intracellular side in contact with the cytoplasm. C. Small, polar molecules such as water cannot pass through the plasma membrane. D. All of the above are correct. E. None of the above are correct. 2. In a feedback mechanism, the action of the effector reverses the change being monitored by the sensor. A. homeostatic. B. positive. C. negative . D. neutral. E. None of the above are correct. 3. Homeostasis is best thought of as being a state of A. constant fluctuation. B. stasis. C. dynamic constancy. D. inconsistency. E. death. 4. A red blood cell will shrivel or crenate when placed in a(n) A. isotonic solution. B. hypotonic solution. C. hypertonic solution . D. saturated solution. E. standard saline solution. 5. Movement of solute molecules from regions of higher to regions of lower concentrations is called A. active transport. B. permeability. C. osmosis. D. dialysis. E. diffusion. 6. Keeping in mind that the extracellular concentration of NaCl is approximately 140 mM, a reasonable value for the internal osmolality of a mammalian cell would be A. 3 mOsm. B. 15 mOsm. C. 30 mOsm. D. 150 mOsm. E. 300 mOsm .
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2 7. The inward diffusion of Na + down an existing concentration gradient is used to power the absorption of glucose in which of the following processes? A. simple diffusion. B. primary active transport. C. facilitated diffusion. D. secondary active transport . E. none of the above are correct. 8. Which of the following statements about membrane transport is true? A. facilitated diffusion is unable to transport molecules against a concentration gradient. B.
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Exam 1 Fall 2006 - Examination I VPHY 3100 Elements of...

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