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ASA 2 MIDTERM STUDYGUIDE - unequal power Heterogeneity...

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ASA 2 MIDTERM STUDYGUIDE Key terms Vietnamese Amerasian : Mixed race of Vietnamese and American who live in Vietnam Ethnic Enclave : an aggregate of ethnic members who live nearby and communicate in a linguistically or culturally different way from their non-ethnic neighbors. According to Chung, there are 3 categories: 1) one step-up 2) new immigrant 3) suburban Pan-Ethnicity : the idea of ethnic and cultural mixing with Asian Americans to mobilize for protection; - a political clout in numbers for more resources; - almost as if Asians are all the same Hybridity : a mix of history and contemporary influences that makes Asian Americans hybrid. Usually is a result of a history of individuals surviving within relationships of
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Unformatted text preview: unequal power. Heterogeneity : Differences between people and groups; - include gender, national origin, generational relation to the immigrant exclusion laws, class backgrounds in Asia, and economic conditions in the U.S. Multiplicity : multi-directional in our identity development, never static; - our varying power; - negotiating power within the structures of patriarchy, capitalism and state Race as a Social Construction : race as a concept signifying and symbolizing social conflicts and interests by referring to different types of human bodies- race as an element of social structure- a dimension of human representation Racial Profiling : White male heterosexual privilege :...
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