Personal Essay - The Widening of Mind and Spirit My coming...

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The Widening of Mind and Spirit My coming to college in the United States was the biggest change in landscape I have ever had both physically and culturally. The whole country looked and felt different from anywhere else I have visited. From the busy streets and skyscrapers to the lush countryside, it was certainly an exhilarating experience. The first place I visited was New York and I was completely awestruck. The thousands of people just moving, all of them looking like they have some place to be. I’d say it was a little different from the little town called Cochin where I came from where things are more than a little laid back. In New York I was most impressed with Manhattan and more specifically Times Square, it was an amazing sight especially at night with all the neon lights and the billboards. This intersection at the junction of Broadway and 7 th Avenue must be the busiest intersection in the world. Times Square and pretty much the whole of Manhattan were places I see almost every day in the movies and on TV but to actually be there was something else. But what affected me were not the physical aspect of the country but the culture of the people of the country. American heritage might not be as old as other cultures but America has its own unique culture like every other country, America has its own rituals and ways of life, rituals
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not in the traditional sense but rituals nonetheless. It was pretty daunting to be in a place like Manhattan but I had to adapt, from my tropical hometown with palm trees and beaches everywhere to the bustling cities and highly extreme weather. One thing I noticed was that the lack of greenery in a big city like New York, back in Cochin you could look in any direction and find coconut trees standing tall. Even in West Lafayette the amount of trees are minuscule compared to Cochin. Since I’m Christian, my way of life should
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Personal Essay - The Widening of Mind and Spirit My coming...

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