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Research Project Final - The Potential For Greatness Every...

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The Potential For Greatness Every single child on the planet deserves the opportunity to do what they love and achieve their dream. Unfortunately many children end up not doing anything meaningful in their lives. The reasons maybe financial, social or cultural but the results are the same. It is imperative that we help as many of these children as we can. We need to take on this global initiative, more educated people means the faster progress of the human race. This project deals with why this issue is vital, what the reasons for this problem are and how it can be remedied. Most countries in the world face this problem whether it is a developed or developing country. The only difference is the reasons why children are restricted. In traditional countries like India and China (Group 1) the reasons are social, in a developing country like Kenya or Ethiopia (Group 2) the reasons are more financial, it is hard to focus upon getting a good education when the basic needs of people are not met. Finally in developed countries like America (Group 3) the problem is just a lack of imagination, people are already comfortable with their lives so they refuse to break from the norm. Therefore the problem has to be tackled in each individual country in a way suited to its particular culture and society. For example in most of Asia parents urge their children to take up medicine or become an engineer believing that those jobs which require the highest intellectual prowess are the only acceptable ones. Traditional countries in Asia like India also have parents who fear that sending their children far from home to further their education may even corrupt them. In developing countries like the ones within the African continent the reasons are obvious, children barely have the means to survive let alone have a proper education, it is heartbreaking to know that most
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of the children in these places will never achieve a quarter of their full potential. Any one of them could be the next Mozart or Van Gogh yet they are forced to live amidst fighting and suffering, their lives slowly wasting away. In more developed countries like America and most European countries children tend to be satisfied with their comfortable yet mediocre lives. The consensus is that if they have a roof over their heads, a car and other basic needs, why strive for more. A very flawed way of thinking, nobody should be content with being average. Why is this problem relevant? From an economic standpoint, the more children that are allowed to attain their fullest potential, the more the amount of skilled labor available. If it’s possible to even help a quarter of the children who are restricted, there will be a massive influx of educated children with a diverse set of talents. Let’s explore in detail why exactly children are under-achieving all over the world.
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Research Project Final - The Potential For Greatness Every...

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