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Bio 200 Pharmacology Exam 1 Review Unit 1 Ø Know the different branches of pharmacology Ø Understand the difference between therapeutic effect, side effect and toxic effect Ø Know the 3 cardinal rules of drug action Ø Review the major drug laws passed in the US and the significant legislative outcomes Ø What are controlled substances and how do they differ from “regular” prescription drugs Ø Review the schedule and understand how drugs are placed on the schedule Ø Know the prescription writing policies for schedule drugs Ø Review the branches of government that relate to pharmacology and the main responsibilities of the FDA, DEA, Federal Trade Commission Ø Know the difference between efficacy and potency Ø What is the significance of the therapeutic index? How is it calculated? Ø Review the terms additive, antagonistic, synergistic, potentiation Unit 2 Ø Know the difference between the official name, chemical name, generic name and trade name of a drug Ø Review the drug reference books we discussed and the key characteristics of each. Ø
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