Furniture Brands' 2004 DuPont Method Graphic

Furniture Brands' 2004 DuPont Method Graphic - 1.54144...

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DUPONT METHOD OF ANALYSIS Sales $2,447,430 Minus: Cost of Goods Sold $1,781,037 Minus: Op. Expenses (Including Depr.) $510,737 Net Income INCOME Minus: (Earnings Available STATEMENT to Common Interest Shareholders) Expense $91,567 $15,314 Net Profit Margin Divided By: (Operating Efficiency) Minus: 3.74135% Sales Federal $2,447,430 Income Taxes $51,073 Minus: Return on Assets (ROA) Other 5.76706% Income (2,298) Multiplied By: Current Assets Sales $908,125 $2,447,430 Total Asset Plus: Divided By: Turnover (Asset Efficiency) Net Total
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Unformatted text preview: 1.54144 Fixed Assets Assets $284,973 $1,587,759 Return on Equity Plus: Multiplied By: (ROE) 9.56330% Goodwill and BALANCE Other Assets SHEET $394,661 Current Liabilities $197,010 Plus: Total Liabilities Long-Term $630,276 Liabilities Total Liabilities + $433,266 Plus: Total Stockholders' Equity (Total Assets) Total $1,587,759 Stockholders' Equity Multiplier Equity Divided By: (Financial Leverage) $957,483 1.65826 Total Stockholders' Equity $957,483...
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