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Sample Questions from Previous FIN 3310 Departmental Final Exams (Revised January 2006) Printed below is a sampling of questions from previous FIN 3310 Departmental Final Exams.  The questions are  grouped by major topic and include both theory and problem questions. (A complete listing of the Key Topics in  Finance 3310, which governs the material to be covered in the course, is presented at the end of the questions.)  Note that some TVM problems have been worked using interest factor tables while others have been worked using  formulas or a business calculator.  Thus, your calculated answer, even though correct, may differ slightly from the  correct answer listed.  However, the answer choices should be sufficiently different to preclude any confusion as to  which answer to choose. The following questions relate to the given chapters in the KMPS Text: Chapters Section Questions Section Questions Chapter 1 I 1, 2 III 1, 2 Chapter 2 II 1, 2, 4 Chapter 3 III 4 Chapter 4 III 5, 6 Chapter 5 IV 1-3, 5-12 Chapter 6 II 3, 5 V 1-11 Chapter 7 IV 13-19 Chapter 8 IV 4, 21-30 Chapter 9 IV 31-41 Chapter 10 IV 42-48 Chapter 11  V 12-22 Chapter 12 VI 1-7 Chapter 14 III 3, 7-10 Printed below is a sampling of questions from previous FIN 3310 Departmental Final Exams. The questions are grouped by major topic and include both theory and problem questions. (A complete listing of the Key Topics in Finance 3310, which governs the material to be covered in the course, is presented at the end of the questions.) Note that some TVM problems may have been worked using interest factor tables while others have been worked using formulas or a business calculator. Thus, your calculated answer, even though correct, may differ slightly from the correct answer listed. However, the answer choices should be sufficiently different to preclude any confusion as to which answer to choose. I. OBJECTIVE OF THE FINANCIAL MANAGER 1. The primary goal of a publicly-owned firm interested in serving its stockholders is to: a. maximize total corporate profit b. maximize earnings per share of common stock c. minimize the weighted average cost of capital d. maximize the price per share of common stock e. minimize the chance of any loss 1
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2. The agency problem faced by stockholders a. derives from the conflict that a firm's managers face in serving their own interests as well as the interests of the firm's owners. b. is to convince bond holders to subordinate their own interests to those of the stockholders. c. is increased if the managers own a substantial share of the firm's stock. d.
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Sample_Test_Questions - 1 Sample Questions from Previous...

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