Anabaptists and Catholics

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Unformatted text preview: Leftwingers and Rightwingers: Anabaptist and Catholic Reformation I. Introduction 1. Reformation spectrum Left_____________I_______________Right radical Anabaptists magisterial Catholic Luther Calvin English I. Introduction 1. Magisterials' views of Anabaptists -fanatics -libertines -re-baptizers--Anabaptists -Diet of Speyer 1529 ."Get the Anabaptists" II. The Anabaptists 1. 2. Zwingli d. 1531 (was not an Anabaptist) Conrad Grebel d. 1526 -Felix Manz and George Blaurock Beliefs of the Anabaptists (Sola fides and sola scriptura) Adult believers baptism Separation of church and state Local churches--Like N.T. Pacifists Radical community Millenarianism--(Only some were) Persecution of Anabaptists 1. 2. Early persecution Michael Sattler d. 1527 Rottenberg "Almighty, eternal God, Thou art the way and the truth. Because I have not been shown to be in error, I will with thy help to this day testify to the truth and seal it with my blood." Persecution of Anabaptists 1. Balthazar Hubmaier d. 1528 -Ph.D. 1512 -Lutheran (1522) -Anabaptist (1525) -Recantations "Salt me well; salt me well." Munster (1534-1535) Munster in 16th century Munster (1534-1535) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Anabaptist disaster (not typical) City went Protestant in 1533 Bernard Rothman began baptizing Anabaptists flooded the city Millenarian radicals -Melchiorites (Melchior Hoffmann) Munster (1534-1535) 6. The Two Jans -Jan Matthys .Easter day raid 1534 -Jan of Leiden .King of the New Jerusalem Munster (1534-1535) 1. 1. Retaking the City -St. Lamberts Cathedral Stigmatized Anabaptists for 2 centuries. Munster (1534-1535) Menno Simons (d. 1561) 1. 2. 1. Priest Anabaptist (1535) -Peter Simons -"Sheep without a shepherd" -"Munster was blasphemy" Foundations of Christian Doctrine (1540) III. The Catholic Reformation The Jesuits The Roman Inquisition The Council of Trent Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556) and the Jesuits 1. Early Life -Basque -Reconquista 2. Turning Point -Battle of Pamplona 1521 3. Education -Grammar School -U. of Paris Chief Aims of Jesuits Counter-evangelize the Protestants .Bavaria, Bohemia, Poland, other areas 2. Education the masses "Give us a boy until he's 7, and he will be Catholic for life." 3. Foreign missions -Xavier d. 1552--Japan -Africa, India, China, Brazil 1. Roman Inquisition 1. 2. 3. Cardinal Caraffa Inquisitors General Torture Council of Trent (1545-1563) 1. Rejected sola fides 1. Rejected sola scriptura 2. Reaffirmed scholasticism over humanism 3. Reaffirmed the 7 sacraments 4. Reaffirmed the full authority of the pope VII. Conclusion Luther--courage and faith Calvin--discipline and organization Anabaptists--freedom to live for God Catholic Reformation--Tradition ...
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