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Decolonization - Decolonization and the NonWestern World...

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Unformatted text preview: Decolonization and the NonWestern World, 1945Present I. Japan U.S. Terms for PostWar Japan: Total and Unconditional Surrender Douglas MacArthur I. Japan Japan's Economic Recovery Resources Success Problems II. China The First Revolution and the Kuomintang Revolution of 19111912 The Communist RevolutionMao Tse Tung d. 1976 II. China Communist Victory Communism in China Collectivization of Agriculture The Great Leap Forward II. China Mao's Cultural Revolution 1960s The PLA and Chou Enlai Deng Xiaoping Tiananmen Square III. Southern Asia IndiaBritish Colony Indian National Congress Mahatma (Mohandas) Ghandi d. 1948 III. Southern Asia IndiaBritish Colony Gandhi in India Partition India since 1947 India Today IV. Vietnam Ho Chi Minh d. 1960 IV. Vietnam Dien Bien Phu 1954, Geneva Accords 1954 U.S. InvolvementNation Building Lyndon Johnson Tet Offensive Nixon Conclusion V. The Middle East IsraelPalestinian Conflict Dispersion A.D. 70 Arab Takeover in 7th century Ottoman Control V. The Middle East IsraelPalestinian Conflict British Mandate Development of Zionism World War II, the Holocaust, and Independence for Modern Israel V. The Middle East IsraelPalestinian Conflict Palestinians versus Israelis Wars since 1948 1956 n. 1967Six Days War 1973Yom Kippur War V. The Middle East IsraelPalestinian Conflict Camp David Accords 1978 The Situation Now VI. Iranian Revolution Shah of Iran American support of Ayatollah Khomeini VI. Iranian Revolution Overthrow of Shah Hostage Crisis of 1980 VII. Emancipation of Africa Last Imperial Stronghold History of Africa since 1945 French North Africa Morocco and Tunisia 1956Algeria Fourth republic Great BritainRhodesiaZimbabweSouth Africa ...
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