Exam 1 - Short answer questions

Exam 1 - Short answer questions - not 5 Explain the quote...

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Short Answer Possibilities: Five of the short answer questions below will appear on Exam I. You should answer as best you can in approximately one blue-book page for each question. Wherever possible use specific information in your answers. 1. How did the spare humanism of the Renaissance influence the Reformation? 2. What were the four questions Luther posed and how he answered each? 3. Which of the three ways of dealing with competing faiths did Elizabeth I use in England, and what was the effect?
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4. According to Lucien Febvre, was Rabelais an atheist? Why, or why
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Unformatted text preview: not? 5. Explain the quote, “Paris is well worth a mass.” 6. What was cujus region, ejus religio and what role did it play in the Thirty Years War? 7. List and describe the four phases of the Thirty Years War. 8. What was the Glorious Revolution and how was it significant? 9. Was Columbus a hero? Discuss with reference to the two 85’s. 10. Discuss the effects of New World exploration that were on the New World Exploration powerpoint. 11. Using specific examples, name and describe the kind of government that Louis XIV attempted to institute in France....
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Exam 1 - Short answer questions - not 5 Explain the quote...

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