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Exam I Study Guide

Exam I Study Guide - 1 HIS 1306 Exam I Study Guide Dr...

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1 HIS 1306 Exam I Study Guide Dr. Hankins For the objective portion of Exam I students should know the terms, events, and people below. Most students who learn all of these items do well on the exam (C+ or better). Knowing these does not ensure that one will make an A or B+ because some of the exam questions will require students to know a good bit about some of these items and other questions, particular True/False, will require students to employ their reasoning skills with regard to historical data. The Renaissance Early Middle Ages (500-1000) Late (High) Middle Ages (1000-1500) 4 aspects of the medieval worldview Bacaccio d. 1374 Decameron Benevenuto Cellini d. 1574 Leonardo da Vinci d. 1519 Mona Lisa Last Supper Michelangelo d. 1564 David Sistene Chapel The Northern Renaissance Crane Brinton exuberant humanists spare humanists Thomas More d. 1535 “A Man for All Seasons” Utopia Erasmus d. 1536 Prince of Humanists The Praise of Folly Greek New Testament 1516 Francois Rabelais Gargantua and Pantegruel Lucien Febvre d. 1956 The Problem of Unbelief in the Sixteenth Century Was Rabelais an atheist? Miguel Cervantes d. 1616 Machiavelli d. 1527 The Prince The Reformation: Luther and Calvin Martin Luther d. 1546 Hans and Margaretta anfechtungen Thunderstorm experience Indulgence Controversy Johann Tetzel d. 1519 October 31, 1517 Papal Bull of 1520 Diet of Worms 1521 “Here I stand” Frederick the Wise Wartburg Castle John Calvin d. 1564 Gerard Geneva The Institutes TULIP (should know what each point means) Huguenots Spread of Calvinism to places other than Geneva Contributions of Calvinism
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