Fascism in italy italy after wwi humiliation economic

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Unformatted text preview: ized Government Mussolini Teacher then journalist Pacifist sot then violent nationalist Organized veterans (1921) Black Shirted Fascisti (terror squads) To save Italy from communism Gained support of frightened capitalists Took power (1922) Italian Fascism Economic Program Nationalism Will, discipline, sacrifice, decision, conquest Mussolini's Fascism "The goal is always Empire. To build a city, to found a colony, to establish an empire, these are the prodigies of the human spirit." "We must resolutely abandon the whole liberal phraseology and way of thinking. . . .Discipline at home in order that we may present the granite block of a single national will. . . .War alone brings up the highest tension, all human energy, and puts the stamp of nobility upon the people who have the courage to meet it." IV. Hitler and Nazism Hitler's Early Life and Career Born in Austria (1889) Wanted to be an artist Denied admission to art academies Poster maker (poor) Corporal in WWI 1920s--Years of Waiting Organized National Sot Party Rudolf Hess--head of political side of party Joseph Goebbels--chief propagandist The (Beer Hall) Putsch (1923) Prison Mein Kampf Premature Grab for Power Marshall Luedendorff Mein Kampf Germany as master race (Aryan) H.S. Chamberlain Virtues of Aryan Race Militarism, brute strength, will, pride, aggressiveness Gentleness, peacefulness, toleranc...
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