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Unformatted text preview: Fascism I. Definitions of Fascism Hitler William Ebenstein--Today's (yesterday's) Isms The goal is to eliminate the liberal concept of the individual and the Marxist concept of humanity Single party dictatorship, intensely nationalistic, imperialist, and rat Fascism is the last stage of decadent capitalism Japan, Italy, Germany 1930s and 1940s Marxist definition Operational definition Simplest definition Antiliberal, authoritarian, reactionary, conservatism Rightwing dictatorship II. Attributes of Fascism Primarily political Opposed to liberalism and communism Champion of the masses Antimaterialist Mystique Goals of a nation were not materialistic Italian state German Volk Romanticism Distrust of reason Relies on force and violence, action and coercion "Mussolini is always right." Government by the Elite Hitler--Fuhrer Mussolini--Il Duce Franco--El Cadio Authority of the leader Comes from his personality and will Not from God; not from the people Mass Support Those looking for a leader Young people looking for action and excitement Social outcasts looking for something to do Totalitarian Control of every aspect of life Business, agriculture , religion, press, education Contrast with absolutism Nationalism State comes to embody the goals of the masses Militarism War and war scares used to whip up enthusiasm for the state Scapegoating Blaming national ills on an identifiable minority III. Fascism in Italy Italy After WWI Humiliation Economic Collapse Factional...
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