S chamberlain virtues of aryan race militarism brute

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Unformatted text preview: e, pity, modesty Vices Nazi Foreign Policy Repudiation of Versailles Rearmament Recovery of Territory Annexation of all German speaking peoples in neighboring states Lebenstraum (living space) Defeat Soviet Union Nazi Domestic Policy Vague Some large businesses nationalized Unearned income abolished Communism destroyed Labor unions controlled Persecution of Jews Later extermination Capitalist Reaction Never took the sot aspect seriously They wanted a strong government to protect property and control the working class (proletariat) Better Hitler than Stalin Hitler Comes to Power 19301933 Election of 1930 Nazis increased seats in Reichstag from 12107 Could now disrupt government President Hindenburg Resorted to ruling by decree Election of 1932 Hitler runs for president Against 85 yr. old Hindenburg Hitler--13 million votes (37%) Runoff Hindenburg won Reichstag Elections Nazis take 230 seats out 608 Largest number ever in Weimer Republic Hindenburg Appointed Hitler as Chancellor Elections of 1933 Hitler calls for new elections Nazi scare tactics Burning of the Reichstag (February) Results Nazis blamed Communists Communists--4.8 million votes Center party--5.5 million Social Democrats--7.2 million Nationalists (supported Hitler)--3 million Nazis--17 million Hitler as Dictator Communists expelled Hitler requests 4year dictatorship Onl...
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