French Wars of Religion (1562-1598)

Admiral coligny d 1572 st bartholomews day massacre

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Unformatted text preview: ; John Everett Millais (1852) III. The Wars (15621598) 1. War of the 3 Henry's Henry III d. 1589 (Valois) Henry of Guise d. 1588 Henry of Navarre d. 1610 Henry IV d. 1610 Philip II (Spain) .Kept Henry Navarre out of Paris "Paris is well worth a Mass." (1593) Entered Paris 1593 III. The Wars (15621598) 1. Edict of Nantes 1598 IV. Conclusion The Fate of the Edict of Nantes 1610--assassination of Henry IV. 1629--Cardinal Richilieu rescinded most of Edict 1685--Louis XIV Revocation of the Edict of Nantes IV. Conclusion Who won the French Wars of Religion?...
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