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Louis XIV (1653) and France’s Splendid

Louis XIV (1653) and France’s Splendid -...

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Unformatted text preview: Louis XIV (1653) and France's Splendid Century I. Introduction 1. France Dominates 17th century in Europe. 2. Absolutism v. Constitutionalism II. Bourbon Dynasty 1. Henry IV d. 1610 -Henry of Navarre -Edict of Nantes -A good king II. Bourbon Dynasty 1. Louis XIII (1610-1643) -Cardinal Richelieu d. 1642 -Cardinal Mazarin d. 1661 II. Bourbon Dynasty 3. Louis' Boyhood Reign -Cardinal Mazarin -The Fronde (16481653) -Louis' Lecture (1661) . "I am the state." -Absolutism .No Estates General III. Louis' Two Ministers 1. Jean Baptiste Colbert d. 1683 -Minister of Finance/Economics -Mercantilism 1. Gold and silver 2. Favorable balance of payments 3. Self-sufficiency -General Beliefs of Mercantilism .Trade and wealth are fixed .To expand, someone else has to contract 1. Colbert -Colbertism .Controlled Markets .Fixed profits .Government controlled capitalism III. Louis' Two Ministers 1. Marquis de Louvois d. 1691 -Minister of War -Army Reforms .Size--250,000-400,000 .Common uniforms .Flintlock muskets .artillery .cavalry rigorous drill and discipline 2. Louvois -Achievements .Expanded the borders, but only marginally .Glory and prestige .Very costly Expansion under Louis/Louvois IV. French Society and Culture 1. Palace of Versailles -Built 1660-1701 .Royal court moved in during 1680s .10,000 nobles .35,000 built it .1000 died in construction Versailles Versailles Hall of Mirrors; Charles Lebrun d. 1690 Hall of Mirrors Life at Versailles Great Excitement at first Gossip Immorality Etiquette Uncomfortable IV. French Society and Culture 1. Classical Age of French Literature -Decorum and Dignity -Pensions for authors -Corneille d. 1684 .Tragedy -Jean Racine d. 1699 .Esther -Moliere d. 1673 .Le Misanthrope (1666) IV. French Society and Culture 1. Social Groups -First Estate .Cergy--2-4 % -Second Estate .Nobility--2-4 % -Third Estate--95% .Proletariate .Peasants .Bourgeoise V. Conclusion Why did other nations emulate France? Why were England and The Netherlands moving toward constitutional democracy, while France and the rest of Europe was moving toward absolutism? ...
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