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Middle East

18th century wars venice austria russia capitulations

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Unformatted text preview: .Venice, Austria, Russia Capitulations (economic agreements) .16th Century--France .17th--France, England, Hapsburgs Succession Problems "Sick Man of Europe" 5. Decline of Ottomans (cont.) III. Persia 1. Mongol Defeat (13th century) Reduced population from 2.5 million to 250,000. Recovery--Ghazan (1295-1304) -Descendent of Ghengis Khan .Reduced peasant taxes .Declared Islam the official religion III. Persia (cont.) 2. Safavid Dynasty Named for Safi al-din (1252-1334) .Started order of Sunni-Sufi spiritual leaders. III. Persia (cont.) From Su...
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