Middle East

Kaliph kaliphate 5 sultan sultanate secular term 5

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Unformatted text preview: Kaliphate) 5. Sultan (sultanate)--secular term 5. Sunni/Shiite split (11th century) Ali (M's son-in-law) 661 Shiite Ayatollah II. The Ottoman Empire 1. Ottoman Turks -Named for Osman d.1326 2. Conquest of Constantinople 1453 Byzantine Empire Mehmet II d. 1481 Constantine IX d. 1453 "God forbid that I should be an emperor without an empire. As my empire falls, I fall with it." St. Sophia's Cathedral Continued Expansion Mohacs 1526 Suleiman the Magnificent (Ottomans) Louis II (Kingdom of Hungary) Partition of Hungary Protestants--"God's judgment..." "...
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