Middle East

Persia cont from sufi sunni to shiite 15th century

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Unformatted text preview: fi Sunni to Shiite -15th Century .Safavid leaders began to claim Safi al-din descended from Ali , leader of the Shiites (Shi'a) .Shiites attracted to Safavids Kizilbash (Red Heads) III. Persia (cont.) 3. Ismail (1502-1525) Gained Loyalty of Kizilbash Utilized skills of Urban bureaucrats Made Shi'a the official faith Ismail Defeating Uzbek Shah Abbas the Great d. 1629 Safavids at their height Carpet Industry Sought European alliances against Ottomans Ali Qapu, or Royal Palace, in Isfahan Isfahan was one of the World's great cities under Abbas Safavid Court 5. Decline of Safavids Abbas Insecure ru...
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