Peter the Great (1689-1725)

Peter the Great (1689-1725) - Peter the Great(1689-1725 I...

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Unformatted text preview: Peter the Great (1689-1725) I. Russia as a Border People Russia as western, but different No Renaissance No Reformation Rivers Orthodox Christianity (instead of Roman Catholic) Constantinople II. Russia in the Middle Ages: The Tale of Two Ivans III. Ivan III (the Great) (1462-1505 Expansion of Russia IV. Ivan IV (the Terrible) (15331584) 5. Bad Half of Ivan's Rule (cont.) Oprichniki Oprichnina Reign of Terror Personal Rage Ivan d. 1581 Personal Rage III. 17th Century Russia: Times of Troubles and Century of Schism Death of Dmitrii -Tsar Theodore d. 1598 -Dmitrii d. 1591 (9 yrs old) -Investigation III. The Times of Troubles (1598-1613) Death of Tsar Theodore (1598) Boris Godunov d. 1605 Starvation Rumors False Dmitrii -Gregory Otrepiev III. The Times of Troubles (1598-1613) False Dmitrii -Supported by Boyers who hated Godunov -Cossacks -Foreigners (Jesuits) -Martha (Dmitrii's mother) False Dmitrii as Tsar (1605) Coup II. The Times of Troubles (15981613) Tsar Basil Shuisky (1606-1610) Overthrow of Shuisky (1610) Tsar by Boyer Committee III. The Times of Troubles (1598-1613) Michael I (1613-1645) Romanov End of Times of Troubles Poem About 17th Century Russia Churches, icons, crosses bells, Painted whores and garlic smells, Vice and vodka everyplace, This is Moscow's daily face. To loiter in the market air, To bathe in common, bodies bare, To sleep by day and gorge by night, To belch and fart is their delight Thieving, murdering, fornication Are so common in this nation, No one thinks a brow to raise, Such are Moscow's sordid days. Poem Europe's view of Russia as a backward, border people Peter Both embodied and tried to overcome the image the poem projected IV. Peter's Character and Personality Big -John Thompson, Indiana University Renaissance Man - "Having ensured the security of the state against the enemy, it is requisite to endeavor to win glory for it by means of the arts and sciences Crude V. Peter's Wars 1. War with the Ottoman Turks (16951696) -Crimean Tarters (Mongols) .Under protection of Ottomans -Azov 1695 -Building a Navy 1. War with Turks "Peter's plan then, was to build the shipyards, assemble the workmen, teach them to mark, cut and hew the timber, lay the keels, build the hulls, step the masts, shape the oars, weave the ropes, sew the sails, train the crews, and sail the whole massive fleet down the Don River to Azov." 1. War with Turks 25 new ships 1000 barges Azov 1696 Turks turn table in 1710 -Retook Azov V. Peter's Wars 1. The Great Northern War (1700-1721) -Augustus II (King of Saxony and Poland) .Attacked Charles XII of Sweden .Peter joined Augustus 2. Great Northern War Battle of Narva 1700 -Swedes rout Russians .Turned toward Augustus -Augustus abdicates (1706) -Russia left alone against Sweden 2. Great Northern War Peter Rebuilds Army Battle of Poltava (1709) -Swedes .22,000-28,000 -Russia's New Army .40,000 -Russia Successful 2. Great Northern War Treaty of Nystadt (1721) -Russia acquires Baltic states .Russia's "window to the west" 2. Great Northern War Effects of War -Russia becomes a power -Russia becomes an empire -Peter becomes an emperor .Peter the Great .Father of the Fatherland B.H. Sumner on the effects of the war "Peter made a Russia a power in Europe, and all three knew it." VI. Peter's Westernization Efforts Peter accelerated the process First Trip Abroad (1697) Rebellion at Home -Sophia (again) Westernization -Cutting of of beards -Western clothing -Western calendar -Women allowed in public VI. Peter's Reforms Senate Local government Church government Taxation Gentry Service -Secularized autocracy Mercantilism Education Conclusion Criticism of Peter Peter's Answer -St. Petersburg St. Petersburg ...
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