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Stuart England - Stuart England I Early Stuart England 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Stuart England I. Early Stuart England 1. James I (1603-1625) -Puritan Response -Millenary Petition (1603) Hampton Court Conference 1604 "No bishop, no king" "Conform or I will harry you out of the land" "Shape up or ship out" 1. James I (cont.) Gunpowder Plot 1604 Guy Fawkes d. 1606 Guy Fawkes Day November 5 Guy Fawkes Day IV. Early Stuart Reign 1. Charles I (1625-1649) IV. Early Stuart England 1. Charles I (1625-1649) -Differences between Tudors and Stuarts .[The king is] "the breathing image of God on earth...accountable to God... not bound to earthly laws." -Magna carta (1215) -Charles dissolved parliament I. English Civil War (Puritan Revolution) (1640-1649) 1. Long Parliament (1640-1649) -Charles Needs Money Three Acts (1641) 1. Impeached Archbishop Laud d. 1645 2. Triennial Act 3. Abolished House of Lords II. English Civil War (Puritan Revolution) (1640-1649) 1. Oliver Cromwell d. 1658 -Conversion 1629 -Parliament .1629-30 .1640 -New Model Army -Puritan Roundheads -Short Haired Liberals II. English Civil War (Puritan Revolution) (1640-1649) 1. Charles and the Royalists -Cavaliers -Long Haired Conservatives 1. Execution of Charles (1649) -Charles Fled -Captured -Tried -Execution III. Aftermath of the Civil War (the 1650s) 1. Commonwealth (1649-1653) 2. Protectorate (1653-1660) -Cromwell's Benevolent Dictatorship .Censored press .Closed theaters .Outlawed sports Cromwell's Benevolent Dictatorship Tolerated Baptists and other nonAnglicans 2. Protectorate (cont.) -Richard Cromwell (1658-1660) -Resentment -Calls for Restoration of Monarchy IV. The Restoration Monarchy (1660-1688) 1. Charles II (1660-1685) -Religious Uniformity -Persecution of Dissenters .Five Mile Act .Baptists, Quakers, Puritans, others IV. The Restoration Monarchy (1660-1688) 1. James II (1685-1688) -Openly Catholic -Toleration -Tories .High Anglicans -Whigs .Low Anglicans V. The Glorious Revolution (1688) -James's Hoped for Alliance .Catholics, dissenters, non-conformists .Hoping for Catholic emancipation -Mary (James's daughter) .Protestant -William (of Orange)--Netherlands - James's son (1688) V. The Glorious Revolution (1688) -William's invasion (November 1688) -Anne .Went over to William -James's head commander .Went over to William -Skirmishes -James Flees -William and Mary VI. The Importance of Glorious Revolution (1688) -The King in Parliament .King could no longer .suspend laws .levy taxes .make royal appointments .maintain a standing army during peacetime without Parliament's permission. VI. The Importance of Glorious Revolution (1688) Parliamentary Supremacy The peoples' representatives rule American Revolution Inspired by Glorious Revolution ...
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